When The Outfit Is Right But The Weather Is Wrong

As bloggers, we often have a planned schedule for our blogs in terms of when we take our photos, when we write our content, and when we publish our posts. Even if it is less set in stone by the brands we are working with and more about our own availability and convenience, we schedule ourselves appropriately. Unfortunately, things don’t always go exactly as planned and the main reason for that is the weather. 


In my case, my blog photographer is only in town on the weekends because we both have day jobs to attend to during the week. As a result, we always plan to have at least one photo session each weekend, sometimes up to 3 outfits in total. So when the weather doesn’t turn out great, or even when it is downright awful, we are often stuck searching for an alternative. Yet, every blogger knows that natural lighting is the best lighting.


In fact, overcast skies make for amazing photos but often they don’t make for warm days. Sadly, as Canadians about half of the year is cold enough to need layers so shooting blog outfits that don’t include outwear can become challenging. So sometimes, we simply suck it up and freeze our big buns off while we aim for the perfect photo. Sometimes we pull it off and other times it is pretty obvious we were shooting in below zero temperatures.


Between our skin covered in goosebumps, our teeth chattering, and our messy windblown hair it would be hard for you not to notice how cold it is. But once you add in some snow in the scenery it becomes impossible to deny that it is winter. So here’s to all the amazing outfits we desperately wanted to document but couldn’t because of the current climate in our area. To all of the times when the outfit was so right but the weather was so wrong.


Outfit Details

Dress: Loralette

Cardigan & Tights: Addition Elle

Booties: Just Fab

Purse: Aldo

Loralette has provided me with this dress as a part of our collaboration agreement. This post also contains affiliate links and if you click on them and make a purchase, I earn a small commission but there is no additional cost to you as the consumer. It is a great way to help support my work.

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