Panache Black – The Sexy Collection

Panache has three main collections; Panache, Panache Black, and Cleo by Panache. They also have Sculptresse which is their plus size based brand. This blog post focuses on the Black Collection from Panache, specifically the Ardour set. It is their sexier collection. The one made for those who want to show off a little bit. Keep in mind Panache is a large cup brand, not necessarily a plus size brand.


As a result, their size range isn’t what you might expect from a true plus size brand. I also found that this collection fit smaller than I expected and smaller than their other two lines. So order up both on the top and the bottom. Unfortunately, I’m actually wearing the largest size they carry here, so I didn’t have the ability to do so. Their bras go from size 28D to size 38G.


Especially unfortunate because I absolutely love this bra. It has entered my daily collection and I’ve been wearing it regularly. It has a smooth cup so it can be worn under a tee. The underwear, however, are a bit too small and also too low waisted to work for me. They are gorgeous, though. They have size 10 – 18 UK available in this design.


This lingerie was provided to me by Panache as a part of our collaboration agreement.


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