Classic Black High Waist Pant

Personally, I love a high waist pant. I think they are more comfortable to wear and I think they emphasize the curve of a woman’s body. However, for exactly that reason, I have not always loved them. The more I embrace my body, the more I embrace wearing clothes that I used to avoid. 

This outfit is from Pink Clove UK. I have featured them a number of times on this blog. I almost always mention that they are extremely affordable. I also like to mention that in most cases it is a good idea to size up. The online shop is meant for a younger target market which tends to skew the sizes smaller.

Ultimately, I’m not a huge fan of this gingham shirt as it feels a bit too cheap and I think the neckline could be improved but I do love the black high waist pants and anticipate that I will pair them with other tops regularly. The pants are work appropriate but feel as comfortable as your favourite pair of leggings.


Pink Clove UK has provided me with this clothing for free as a part of our collaboration agreement.

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