Embroidery Is Everywhere!

What is the number one trend of the season? The answer is easy. Embroidery. It is everywhere. You can find it on everything from tops & jackets to shoes & purses. I have yet to think of a clothing item I haven’t seen embroidered yet. In fact, I am working on a blog post about my favourite lingerie for spring that also features embroidery. So if you are looking for a trend piece, start here.

This outfit combines embroidery with a few other trends of the season. Specifically, floral trends are pretty common for spring but this year we also have the Bardot top. Off-the-shoulder can feel awkward to wear so I like how this version just rests lighting below the shoulder if you would like. You need a strapless bra either way but you can also pull the elastic down for a more defined off-the-shoulder look.

I am also wearing floral embroidered platform heels. Unfortunately, they are a bit tall for me so I probably won’t wear them as often as I hoped but you absolutely must check out the shoe collection at Quiz Clothing. There is a pair of red floral mesh heels that I also have my eye on given how big the red rose trend also is this season. Sizing on both the shoes and clothes are spot on perfect!

Quiz Clothing has provided me with these clothes & shoes at no cost as a part of our collaboration agreement.


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