Party Skirt from Giti Online

I’ve always been a huge fan of empire waists and full skirts. It gives off that princess vibe that so many of us are searching for. One of the first fatshion items I purchased was a black tutu. I was hoping this skirt would mimic that look without making it too fancy for work.

I actually think that in many workplaces this skirt from Giti Online would be appropriate and that even for me I could wear it to occasional event. But it isn’t really the everyday skirt I was hoping for even though I’ve tried to dress it down for these photos.

If the skirt was a cotton material with this embroidery done in a common thread it would work. However, this is a heavy mesh material and thread such as the type to make macreme basket hangers. The sizing is truly perfect and there is a stretchy waist band so it is easy to order safely knowing it will fit.

Party Skirt

This skirt was provided to me at no cost from Giti Online as a part of our collaboration agreement. As you can surely tell, I always provide an honest review regardless.

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