When The Dress Is Perfect, Except…

I love this dress so much! Except, for one thing… it shows off way too much cleavage. I love the length of the dress, the v-neck, the bodycon design, the all black with lace details, the arm length, everything! But then I realized the center is sheer and it is 100% not appropriate to wear to work, which is where I hoped to wear it most often.

I’m working on another post about dressing down cocktail dresses and this is an example of the opposite, where a dress that could be worn Monday to Friday instantly became a club dress simply because of the front cut. Sure I could probably find a nice slip but I primarily love wearing dresses because they are easy and don’t require layers.

Still, if you are looking for a sexy night out this dress is amazing. I would invest in some of those bra cups that stick on your front or wearing the prettiest black bra you own as it will be visible in the middle as you see here. The dress is from Quiz Clothing and I promise you won’t be disappointed with all they have to offer. I’m wearing a size 1x.


The dress was provided to me by Quiz Clothing at no cost as a part of our collaboration agreement.

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