Dressing Down Cocktail Dresses

Here’s the thing, I like to dress up. I prefer wearing skirts and dresses but it often doesn’t suit the weather or the occasion dress code. So I have started exploring ways to dress down cocktail dresses and evening wear, without coming across way too extra. 

This mesh damask patterned dress from Giti Online is an amazing bodycon number that I would wear every day if I could. My only complaint is when the seam rides up as you walk but I am going to add a couple stitches at the bottom and see if it keeps in place better next time. As a side note, I am wearing a 1x, as per usual.

As I was wearing this outfit to an Easter (aka Eostre) weekend brunch at about 10:30 am, I paired it with a longline but casual bomber jacket from Pink Clove and ballet flats from Aldo sister company, Spring Shoes. I also kept my hair and makeup basic, almost undone. What are your strategies for dressing down evening wear and cocktail dresses?

Dressing Down

This dress was provided to me at no cost by Giti Online as a part of our collaboration agreement. However, I always provide my honest review of any item I wear.

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