Laid Back Femme By Loralette

I’m pretty sure the title of this post sums up my style on most days. I’m always feminine, or as we say in the queer community, femme, but I am also usually pretty casual. I am not what we in the queer community refer to as high femme. I like skirts and dresses but I prefer cute separates for most occasions. 


Which is why I instantly fell in love with this head to toe look from Loralette. Okay, I admit the shoes are from a random retailer that will remain unnamed but you can get cute pointed toe ballet flats just about anywhere at any price point. But this mini pussy bow sleeveless top in a floral print is a Loralette exclusive. I’m wearing a 1x.


I also love the comfy fit of the Loralette slash knee deconstructed girlfriend jean. And the fact that it isn’t called the boyfriend jean. For some reason, that term always bothered me for not only being kind of sexist but for definitely being heterosexist. So when I saw “girlfriend jeans” I immediately wanted a pair. I’m wearing a size 16.


Head to the Loralette blog now where you can see all of my style picks for the season including this look and the bell sleeve dress I posted about last week. I’ve got everything from dresses to jeans to casual tees. I even picked my favourite lingerie and swimwear from their collection. The swimsuit is a must see & will be coming soon to my blog.


Loralette has provided me with the clothes featured in this post as a part of our collaboration agreement. I am very proud to work with Loralette, a great brand.

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