Subscription Boxes for Canadian Fatshionistas

Ever since I first saw bloggers based in the US getting to try out Dia & Co I was kind of jealous. Then I saw one of my favourite local bloggers post some videos of the box she got from them and thought they had finally come to Canada after all of my e-mail pleas, but I was fooled by some cross-border travel. So when I found you cannot imagine how excited I was to receive my first box (or rather package) from them. Spoiler Alert: Based on what I saw from the previously mentioned brand and what I received from – I’m very impressed with this new option! These are honestly some of my favourite new outfits, I’ve worn two more than once already.

The first step is to choose the style of box you want to receive. This is the Frock Box Favourites. The package included 4 clothing items & one pair of shoes which are not pictured here because I will be returning them. Two reasons; I don’t really need any new shoes & as a size 9.5 the size 10 booties are a bit loose. That’s a challenge I often face with finding shoes. However, all of the clothes fit perfectly! Not all of them are technically “my size” according to the label, but all of them fit. A lesson in trusting your stylist! Some of these items are XL, some are 1X which is my normal size, one is a 2X and was labeled fits small. The jeans are my own, size 16 from Torrid.

Next, you complete a style profile including things like your Instagram & Pinterest pages to help the stylist get a sense of your personal style. This combined with getting your exact measurements helps them send you the perfect items for you. I honestly love each clothing item so much. I did mention to them that for me asking about weight is a trigger around my eating disorder and as a result, I only provided my measurements. So I got the sense they will work with you, just send them an e-mail with your concern. Given them as much information as possible, add pictures to your Pinterest page but be honest about your style. Do you want to wear that or wish you wanted to wear that? When they ask you questions in your style profile, answer carefully and in detail.

Finally, you sit back and wait for your package to arrive. Mine took about 7 days plus one because my delivery person is a bit lazy & decided not to deliver it to my door while I was home but to leave a notice without buzzing me. Shout out to Canada Post, your service is so awful I now pay for a PO Box with the UPS Store. This is a monthly subscription service but you can opt out or update your sizes at any time. Overall, I loved the items I received and recommend you subscribe especially if you live in a rural area with no access to large chain stores. Items averaged $50 with a big discount if you keep them all. Your stylist fee is deducted from the total of the items you keep.

Subscription Boxes For

The clothes you see featured here were provided to me by – they also sent me a pair of sandal boots but they were a tiny bit too big so I returned them. I take a size 9.5 & many brands only do size 9 & size 10 so I don’t fault for this. 

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