“Big Gal Yoga” Book Review

As a fan of yoga who also happens to be plus size & a fat activist, I am proud to display “Big Gal Yoga: Poses & Practices to Celebrate Your Body & Empower Your Life” by Valerie Sagun on one of my coffee tables. The book offers something for yogis of every size but in an activity that is usually represented by ultra thin instructors, having Valerie guide us all through the poses is refreshing. This book made me feel better about my body when most other exercise based books have made me feel worse about it. So here’s to my fully visible, yoga loving, belly rolls!


If you are plus size, you get to finally see yourself in the pages of a yoga pose book & if you aren’t you can see how it feels to be on the other side & support your friends who always have. Don’t “other” plus size people by refusing to buy this book if you are thin, many plus size people have purchased books with thin authors, time for you to return the favour. You are going to love “Big Gal Yoga” for its use of step by step photos, adjustments for different body types & injuries, guides for how to use props, and more.

Big Gal Yoga was provided to me at no cost in exchange for this review.

Big Gal Yoga

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