Love For Love Honey Lingerie

I always find it exciting to stumble upon new plus size lingerie retailers, like Love Honey. So when they reached out to me to collaborate on a review post I was excited to browse their online store. Not only do they offer lingerie in a variety of sizes but they also offer sex positive toys, including their new collection from Broad City. Click through to see more pictures and read my full review of this brand and their collection of goodies.


Love Honey will ship to the USA, Canada, & the UK (as well as others) so all of my readers can order from them easily. Shipping was incredibly fast, so much so that I actually didn’t believe it could be the package from Love Honey until I picked it up. So that was a great feature, especially if you need an item quickly. Plus it is free shipping over $50 orders. In this case, I was hoping to wear the one dress to a sex positive kinky event the next week so it was amazing that the products arrived so quickly.


On the down side, their sizes are very inaccurate and I couldn’t wear it as I had originally intended. They sent me 5 items but only 2 fit, one I squeezed on for the shoot but won’t wear again and the other two don’t fit at all even though in one case I already sized up based on the sizing chart. So I suggest ordering up, even if like me, you are ALWAYS the same size in other brands. I’m so sad because the one dress is literally my favourite thing ever, but I can’t fit into it. Now, I haven’t asked to exchange the item so I will update this post with that status once I do. It does say they offer exchanges up to a year after purchasing the item, which is a truly amazing policy. That speaks highly for the brand.


Love Honey did send me some of their new Broad City collection, unfortunately, what they sent was not at all in line with what I had requested. NOTE: Brands, if you want a good review send bloggers what they ask for. So I never would have requested these weak vibrators as I’m always disappointed in their lack of powerful vibrations. I don’t recommend them at all. I had requested a rabbit vibrator, butt plugs, a strap on set, and nipple clamps which proves that I’m an advanced sex toy consumer. Sending me introductory products was just going to end in disappointment. And I was so excited to receive their pegging set and plug in rabbit vibrator.


The site has categories such as for men, for women, for couples but does not have a section specific to the LGBTQ community. I think it is important to specifically acknowledge my queerness in these posts and not allow a heterosexist society go unchecked. My favourite local sex toy store carries packers, rainbow coloured dildos, and binding gear. I know they welcome my queerness and I always spend more at their store as a result. I want to see this from all sex toy & lingerie sellers. I hope I can count on Love Honey to take this feedback and run with it to back their store even better.


All of the Love Honey products in this blog post were provided to me at no cost as a part of our collaboration agreement for this blog post & social media shares.

Love Honey

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