“The Kink Kit” Subscription Box

As you know if you have been reading my blog, I consider a part of body positivity to include being sex positive. Our bodies, in most cases, were designed to be sexual beings. Being positive about ourselves as whole human beings includes being positive about our sexuality. So when The Kink Kit contacted me to review their new subscription box, I was happy to oblige. 


The Kink Kit is designed for couples of any gender to explore their kinkier side. Inside the box are several toys and a few guide cards to help lead the way for newbies. My partner and I are not new to the kink scene but we still got very excited by the spiked sensation toy, the Ben Wa balls, and the mini vibrator.

Of course, the blindfold, silk ties, and earplugs are perfect for sensation play, these are simply things I have upgraded from or already own. Personally, I prefer to play with rope bondage now but when I was new to kink and BDSM, the silk ties were a very fun place to start. In other words, this kit is nothing to be intimidated by but also exciting enough for those who have been around the scene for a while.


The Kink Kit was provided to me at no cost as a part of our agreement. The corset featured in this blog post is from Corsettry and it was also provided to me at no cost in exchange for promotion.


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