Back From Hiatus

I know that Nordstrom isn’t technically a plus size store and I often find it frustrating when a certain style isn’t available in my size, but when it is & it’s on sale, it’s so worth the extra effort. I love this summer dress & it reignited the fashion blogger in me, so I am back. Find out why I left by reading through.


This gorgeous off the shoulder off-white dress had me fall in love with high-quality fashion. The type that you are going to find at Nordstrom and not at those fast fashion type stores so many of us have gotten used to. You simply don’t find the structure or design this dress has when you shop elsewhere.


So I bet you want to know why, I took a break, well blogging isn’t always easy. You see the free clothes and the pretty pictures but I saw hours of work for me and my blog husband. I also saw IG make it much harder to reach new audiences & I saw an exclusive “you can’t sit with us” mentality from many of my colleagues.

Back From Hiatus

This dress is by WAYF in size XXL, I often size up at Nordstrom, & is accessorized with the Melie bag from Louis Vuitton. Sandals are very old in a soft gold leather.

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