The Best Birthday Ever

For a variety of reasons, I have almost always had a kind of crap time on my birthday. But this year was so different that I had to share. My amazing boyfriend planned the most incredible full week of events, all to celebrate me. It all started with him asking me what I wanted and me realizing that my “language of love” is that I want time from my partner. So I asked for us to do something together instead of him buying me a physical gift. I even suggested going to see Rocky Horror Picture Show in Stratford & he loved the idea. After looking into the cost and the travel time from our home, he offered to either plan a full week of stay-cation type events or to proceed with the Stratford trip.

Well, I opted for a week-long series of events over one night away because I wanted to maximize my time with my man. Each night started out as a surprise where I was only told the type of wardrobe I should wear, for example, wear something you can walk in or wear something fancy for sitting. Armed with these minor details, I prepared myself and we kicked off the celebration the Monday before my actual birthday on July 30th.

The first night included pizza at Woodenhead’s & the Haunted Walk of Kingston, with a quick stop at the Kingston Brewing Company in between. We especially loved the service at Woodenhead’s and our tour guide on the walk around downtown Kingston. It rained but we still had an amazing time so we do recommend checking out the walk.

On the second night, we went out to Gananoque to eat at Riva, an Italian place with great decor, atmosphere, and food. After filling up on pasta and martinis we went to see the local production of Harvest at the Thousand Islands Theatre. Unfortunately, there was a blatant line of fat-shaming in the play so I can’t offer up a positive review in this blog.

On the third evening, we went out to Barcadia to play old arcade games, all only 25 cents to play, and a Nintendo64 round of Mario Party while drinking heavily. We followed that up with greasy food at Tommy’s. I had one of my favourite poutines, pulled pork with cheese curds on sweet potato fries. You’ve seen Tommy’s in this previous blog post.

For the fourth night out, we sort of slept through dinner. The heavy drinking and greasy food from the night before caught up with us and we napped until we needed to leave for the play we were going to see tonight, The Flick. Unfortunately, it was really bad and we left at intermission, which is pretty awkward when the audience is so small.

On our fifth evening of the adventure, we met up with friends at Tango Neuvo and I was greeted with that surprise and a big bouquet of flowers. After drinking way too much and not eating enough we headed to the Plaza for a couples lap dance. It was that final free birthday drink that in the end meant an early to bed night.

On the sixth day, I woke up early to head to the hair salon and was surprised there by my boyfriend and hair stylist with champagne mimosas and croissants. I was genuinely surprised and had no idea they had been working together to arrange this. I think it may have been my favourite of the whole week of surprises.

On the seventh day, we headed out early in the morning to drop the dog off at her boarding kennel and then went on to Ottawa where we ate and shopped in the Byward Market and at Nordstrom. From there we went to the Double Tree hotel in Chelsea, Quebec and out to dinner at the white glove restaurant, Le Baccara in the casino.

On my actual birthday, we repeated our new tradition from last year when we were first dating and went to the Nordic spa in Chelsea, Quebec. We spent the entire day relaxing in the saunas, hot tubs. steam rooms, and pools. Eating and drinking until our late night, outdoor, couples massages before bed. It was literally flawless!

On what is technically the ninth day of this extended birthday week, we headed home and stopped at a gorgeous brunch spot by the lake. Cafe Bistro Le Saint-Eloi was the name of the spot and the caramel apple waffles were absolutely amazing as was the view while we ate.

Thank you, especially to my amazing boyfriend, but also to everyone else who helped or joined in on the fun. You made it my best birthday ever!


These photos were taken by my amazing boyfriend in Prince Edward County on one of our stay-cation adventures out to a local winery for food & reading. This skirt is from Aritzia and was $180, but is now sold out. Paired with basic black tank top flip-flop sandals.

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