About MsLindsayM

MsLindsayM, curvy blogger and body positive activist Lindsay Marie, also known as MsLindsayM in the online world, is a feminist and a body positivity activist. She is a survivor of sexual assault and recovered from disordered eating. As a result of her experience with both the modeling industry and eating disorders, she has developed a strong passion for helping women achieve radical self-love, especially when it comes to their bodies. Lindsay believes that representation matters and that when we see images of ourselves in the media we are empowered. As a result, she started the hashtag #selfiesforselflove and is a strong believer in the power of social media to make change. When women celebrate their own beauty, especially if they fall outside of society’s predetermined beauty norms (ie. white, thin, cis & able-bodied), they are able to feel more comfortable in their own skin. Lindsay is active on all social media platforms including; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. She actively speaks up against diet culture and makes it known how triggering those types of conversations can be for some women. She supports women in finding their own personal best regardless of the size they wear, what foods they choose to eat and whether or not exercise is a part of their lives. Lindsay believes that all people should be able to live a life free of oppression and harassment, especially when it comes to their personal lifestyle choices. She supports the idea that sizeism should be part of the intersectional feminist movement in the same way that racism, heterosexism, and classism are. Lindsay’s brand of feminism is intersectional, anti-racist, inclusive, and always body positive.