Book Review: Landwhale

I loved this book so much! I finished it in three sittings at the hair salon & enjoyed every single page. I can’t wait for this book to be released so you can all enjoy the fabulously vulnerable writing of Jes Baker. Her perspective is very refreshing & enlightening. I particularly enjoyed the overall feeling of inclusiveness & acceptance Jes imparts on the reader when the body positive & feminist movement have started to feel so exclusionary. Jes welcomes you to the table while other fat activists are busy telling people “you can’t sit with us”.

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“Big Gal Yoga” Book Review

As a fan of yoga who also happens to be plus size & a fat activist, I am proud to display “Big Gal Yoga: Poses & Practices to Celebrate Your Body & Empower Your Life” by Valerie Sagun on one of my coffee tables. The book offers something for yogis of every size but in an activity that is usually represented by ultra thin instructors, having Valerie guide us all through the poses is refreshing. This book made me feel better about my body when most other exercise based books have made me feel worse about it. So here’s to my fully visible, yoga loving, belly rolls! Continue reading ““Big Gal Yoga” Book Review”

“Big & Fabulous: The Life Of Brenda Cankles”

As a person who loves reading, it is always nice to find a story I haven’t read before and I can honestly say that I’ve never read about a character quite like Brenda Cankles of Big & Fabulous. In my experience, when fat women are included in fictional books they aren’t the main character and their story is often centered around their desire to lose weight. Brenda is not such a character and that alone made her story very compelling. As a plus size lead character she is given the agency to direct the story and narrate it. It is especially nice to read about a plus size woman who not only has no desire to diet but who also loves her body as it is and always has. Compared to many of our other current pop culture examples who are obsessed with weight loss or even contracted into losing a certain number of pounds, I’d say it is very refreshing and much more fat positive. In fact, I’ve got some specific and very timely comparisons for you below.

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The Most Body Positive Ad Campaign Ever!

Yep, I know, that’s a huge title but I honestly feel that this one brand is completely deserving of being awarded for the best body positive campaign ever! I say this for a few reasons. First, they have already done two full photo shoots and resulting advertisements for this new campaign. They have shown a strong commitment to keeping their ads body positive and inclusive moving forward. They promised the first one wouldn’t be a one off and they have actually stayed true to their word. Second, the brand has always worked with diverse models and a wide range of bloggers, myself included, so this move to include real women seems natural and not forced as it does with so many other brands.  Continue reading “The Most Body Positive Ad Campaign Ever!”

“The Feminist Activity Book” Review

The Feminist Activity Book is the perfect self-care solution to spending a day filtering through comments on your recent activist blog post. Colour away your frustrations with cishet men who insist on mansplaining your field of work to you. Design some impractical and maybe even painful condoms for those online misogynists and cyber bullies who make being a marginalized person with the internet particularly infuriating. Add songs to your very own feminist playlist, complete with some kickass inspiration to get your dance party started. Riddles, bingo, word searches, and conversation starter cards are all featured in this book, making it the perfect companion for any intersectional feminist. That’s why I am so excited to be able to give away one copy of The Feminist Activity Book and two others from Seal Press in my blog-anniversary contest that launched this week. Continue reading ““The Feminist Activity Book” Review”

One Year Later: A Blogger’s First Year In Review

It’s been one year since I started the Body Positive Babe blog on January 6th, 2016. Interesting in that 6 is my favourite number and yet I just realized this coincidence now as I typed out the full date. Also, a pretty cool coincidence is the fact that this is my 100th blog post, a double celebration! So I thought, especially as it is also a new calendar year, it would be a good time to reflect on all I have accomplished. 2016 was the year I created and launched my own blog, but also my very own signature scent! Plus I have all the details on a huge giveaway valued at over $500 total, you don’t want to miss this opportunity. Continue reading “One Year Later: A Blogger’s First Year In Review”

“Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls” Book Review

Thank goodness for audio books! Not only do they make books all the more accessible to people with different abilities but they also make it easy to squeeze in a whole book while driving from family to friends to family again over the holiday season. I simply wouldn’t have had the time to read the entire book Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls yet if it didn’t come in its very own audio version perfect for listening to in the car. The best part is, it is actually read to you by Jes Baker herself. I love when the author is also the narrator, especially when the book has memoir like aspects to it as this one does. Continue reading ““Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls” Book Review”

Last Minute Gift Ideas For Body Positive Babes

Are you still doing your holiday shopping, like me? I’m normally quite well organized and ready for the holiday season well in advance but this year is an exception. One major gift for someone very special was finally sorted out today. I still have at least two more gifts to purchase tomorrow on December 23rd. And I have absolutely no wrapping paper or gift cards to use. So it is a good thing I have the day off work to take care of these last minute purchases before our celebrations begin on December 24th. Continue reading “Last Minute Gift Ideas For Body Positive Babes”

“Beautiful You” Book Review

The second I opened the cover of the book Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance by Rosie Molinary I completely fell in love. The premise of the book is what got me totally hooked, it is designed to be read one page a day. A way for you to ensure you keep at least one body positive message in your life per day by reading a simple passage. The 2nd edition launches on December 20th. Trust me when I say, this book is for everyone who believes in radical self-love, from those who desperately want to start their journey to those educating the rest of us on how to get there.  Continue reading ““Beautiful You” Book Review”

Third Annual Fat Activism Conference


I had the pleasure of gaining access to the Third Annual Fat Activism Conference, a digital sharing of knowledge and empowerment. The first day was a short introduction to a very long weekend that was jam-packed with a diverse group of speakers. Kicking off the Friday evening was Dianne Bondy talking about Mindfulness, Body Equity, and Radical Self-Acceptance. As a fan of yoga and not just the asana practice but also mindfulness and self-reflection practices, I loved how Dianne talked about how much of the yoga community has also begun to embrace body acceptance. She described how yoga can actually help you learn to love your body by focusing on what it can do instead of how it looks. Her support of social media as an activist tool reminds me a lot of some of the things I’ve said about #SelfiesForSelfLove. I loved her critical analysis of the term body positivity, recognizing how often it is co-opted and used to sell us something, which is of course, very problematic. She also talked about how body positivity and fat acceptance are not always the same thing and how the latter is responsible for the current movement. Dianne addressed the concepts of thin privilege and fat phobia and addressed people’s defensiveness around these conversations. She talked indirectly about how size is a human rights issue and how people of size actually face real barriers, including to accessing health care, employment, and travel. Continue reading “Third Annual Fat Activism Conference”