Foxers: Boxers For Femmes

Who doesn’t love a comfy pair of pjs to lounge in? Personally, I think these Foxers Boxers are the perfect summer alternative to long sleeves and flannel pants. Especially given the built in bra and pockets, yes pockets in your undies! Comfy, casual, but still totally sexy. Continue reading “Foxers: Boxers For Femmes”

8 Amazing Canadian Plus Size Retailers

Sure, lots of brands ship to Canada, but the importing taxes involved in that process can end up being outlandish. Recently I received a package sent to me from the UK which was valued at $175 and because of an error in labeling I had to pay $110 in taxes to accept six items. Even if the package had been properly labeled, I would have had to pay almost $60 in taxes and fees. The brand was able to fix this mistake but it was still an inconvenience that could have easily been avoided by shopping from within Canada. In fact, some international brands actually say they won’t help with duties and taxes so you’d be stuck sucking up that extra cost. Many brands label the package with the full price or value even if you bought the item on sale. For example, I ordered a dress that was originally around $70 but was on sale for $35 plus shipping. The cost for taxes ended up being $65 so if I had accepted the package I’d have paid $100 plus shipping for a $70 dress. That just doesn’t make sense and we as Canadian plus size shoppers need a better option. Continue reading “8 Amazing Canadian Plus Size Retailers”

The Most Body Positive Ad Campaign Ever!

Yep, I know, that’s a huge title but I honestly feel that this one brand is completely deserving of being awarded for the best body positive campaign ever! I say this for a few reasons. First, they have already done two full photo shoots and resulting advertisements for this new campaign. They have shown a strong commitment to keeping their ads body positive and inclusive moving forward. They promised the first one wouldn’t be a one off and they have actually stayed true to their word. Second, the brand has always worked with diverse models and a wide range of bloggers, myself included, so this move to include real women seems natural and not forced as it does with so many other brands.  Continue reading “The Most Body Positive Ad Campaign Ever!”

New Year, Same You, Different View

Here’s the thing about New Years, it could be an absolutely beautiful time of year. It could be a time for reflection, especially since most of us get a day off from work and quite frankly from doing much else because everyone is also off and at home. It could be a time for relaxation and renewal for all the same reasons. It could be a time to spend with friends, family, and other loved ones. Instead, it is a time of year when a huge number of people are made to feel shitty about their bodies as a result of the massive influx of diet, exercise, and weight loss advertisements. Continue reading “New Year, Same You, Different View”

The Difference Between Corsets & Bustiers

Did you know that corsets, bustiers, and waist trainers are not synonyms for the same thing? They are actually all completely different items with their own design features and purposes. Many mainstream and popular lingerie brands are incorrectly using these terms interchangeably and contributing to the confusion. Consumers need to know the real meaning behind these words so they are satisfied with their purchase having received what they intended to. So what are the main differences between the three options? Cost, material, purpose, and design. Continue reading “The Difference Between Corsets & Bustiers”

Can A Feminist Love Corsets?

Can a feminist love corsets? Does saying yes, make me a bad one? Is it more or less shameful to feminists than my love of kink and BDSM? Was the fact that I pose in my underwear and blog about it enough to make you doubt my holding feminist as a title? Which one would you insist should force me to give up my feminist card? Well, if you ask me, the answer is none. I truly believe that as long as one possesses a critical analysis of the things we enjoy, we are free to enjoy them. Continue reading “Can A Feminist Love Corsets?”

Belly Love For All

Did you know that worldwide the most hated body part is the belly? Yep, if people are asked what body part they would change, the most popular answer is their stomach. People have been taught to envy flat stomachs and the people who possess them. Fitness magazines and diet advertisements have society believing that abs are the path to happiness. Well, I am here to tell you that that simply isn’t true. Since we have been taught to appreciate abs, we can be taught to appreciate soft bellies as well. Continue reading “Belly Love For All”

Got Curves? I do!


As a Canadian myself, it pleases me to be able to bring you details on a curvy brand based in Canada. Got Curves is the newest addition to the lingerie market for inbetweeners and plus size women. Click through to the rest of the post to see more photos and to find out how you can get 15% off your entire purchase. Continue reading “Got Curves? I do!”

Luxury Lingerie from Impish Lee


Without a doubt, this is the most luxurious lingerie I have ever owned. The material and the construction simply cannot be compared to any other brand on the market. Where else besides Impish Lee, can you get custom designed and perfectly fitting lingerie? It’s an experience unlike any other and I’m so pleased with the results, I wrote a post about! Continue reading “Luxury Lingerie from Impish Lee”

Ashley Graham for AdditionElle

MsLindsayM, body positive blogger and curvy lingerie influencer working with Samantha of Crave Boudoir while wearing Curvy Kate, Ms Pomelo and AdditionElle.

My first ever properly fitting bra was this cage bra from the Ashley Graham collection by AdditionElle. I went into their stores early in my body positive journey but committed to finding sizes that would work for me. I asked the sales associate to give me a proper bra fitting and she told me that I was a 36DD. Lucky, because that is the smallest size they stock and it fit perfectly. They had an amazing sale on and so I was able to get a discount on the bra and a pair of panties to match for next to nothing. I loved the quality of both! Continue reading “Ashley Graham for AdditionElle”