The Beginning of 2017’s Swimwear Summer

Last year may have been my first Summer of Swimwear but this year I am back and even more confident than before. So I’m excited to be out by the pool for the full 2.5 months it is open during the summer. My first journey out to the pool was in this gorgeous floral print high neck bikini from LoraletteContinue reading “The Beginning of 2017’s Swimwear Summer”

2016: The Summer of Swimwear


When I confidently walk from my condo building towards the outdoor pool it is almost hard to believe that last summer I only owned one bathing suit. That suit was a full coverage one-piece in that swim-dress style that is basically reserved for fat girls. You know the type that tries to minimize your waist and covers down to your mid-thigh. Of course, once it gets wet it shows all the so called “flaws” we are trying to hide. Continue reading “2016: The Summer of Swimwear”

Super Sexy One-Piece Swimsuits

IMG_4460Who said that one-piece swimsuits can’t be sexy? Basically, everyone, am I right? I mean until this year I’d have to say that I agreed with them. This was especially true for plus-size swimwear. We were used to having limited options that often included swim dresses and other designs that focused on covering as much skin as possible. That, however, is no longer the sole purpose of one-piece swimsuits. We now get options with cut-outs, mesh, lots of cleavage, and really sexy details, so be sure to click through to see them all. Continue reading “Super Sexy One-Piece Swimsuits”

My Swim Body

IMG_3632Here’s the thing. Despite what the media and society have been telling us for years, we all have a perfect swim body. Yep, it’s true!  Continue reading “My Swim Body”

Pinup Bikini Vibes


This year my two favourite bikinis, or fatkinis if you prefer, are both a very similar style but from two different designers and in two different colours. This summer I am in love with the pin-up vibes these high-waist bottoms and tie-up halter style tops are giving off. They both offer a lot of coverage without making me feel like I am hiding my body. Both options make me feel incredibly sexy and like I never want to leave the pool. Continue reading “Pinup Bikini Vibes”

Come Sail Away!


Once you stop worrying about what is flattering to your body type, a whole world of fashion options opens up to you. For example, this sailor trend certainly calls my ability to wear horizontal stripes as a fat woman into question. I’m also stepping it up a notch by wearing a strapless bikini, a practically daredevil level of challenge when it comes to most straight-size focused brands. But this one is different and I think I’ve finally discovered the secret to successfully navigating a strapless swimsuit as a plus size woman. Continue reading “Come Sail Away!”

Black Bikini Bottom Bounty

plus size swimwear, vintage swimwear, pinup swimwear
You may have noticed that I have a passion for everything black when it comes to fashion, and quite frankly this also applies to my house decor as well. So when I stumbled upon some ultra cheap bikini bottoms in three different designs, all in black, I wanted to try all three. Originally I had planned to bring them home to try them all on in decent lighting and then to return one or two the next day. Well, I liked all three so much that I ended up keeping them all and I know I won’t regret that in the long run. Given that each piece was under $20, I’d say it was a great deal. I’ll be able to mix and match these bottoms with almost any bikini top I already own or collect along the way. That, of course, is the major benefit to being such a huge fan of black and other neutral colours.  Continue reading “Black Bikini Bottom Bounty”

Curvy Kate & Dear Scantilly

6d9317_9883c7715a5e47cb9d8bb48b578ed17dThere aren’t many brands that I am as excited about as Curvy Kate. They are a UK based brand that is well known among larger breasted women around the world. Curvy Kate is a sexy and sensual brand that knows that their clients want bras that look good and fit properly. They are not specifically a plus size brand, they offer a wide range of band sizes (28 – 44) but the cup sizes are only available above a D cup, all the way up to a K cup. Their bottoms range in size from 8 – 22 UK sizing. Curvy Kate is all about body positivity and their blog posts often centre around such issues. Recently they launched their #LoveYourPerfections campaign in response to an offensive ad from in the UK that implied freckles and red hair are flaws as opposed to beautiful and unique features that many women and men possess. Continue reading “Curvy Kate & Dear Scantilly”

Curves Avenue

6d9317_8c97ae01cee140c490b0b3882e8070f9I was so excited to open my mailbox today after an extra long day at work and find this gorgeous bikini from Curves Avenue. This is easily the sexiest bikini I have ever worn but I felt completely secure and covered while wearing it. I’m hoping my hotel tomorrow night has a pool so I can show it off and test it out in the water. The way it emphasizes my hips and curves has me looking forward to an island vacation in the spring!

The fit is flawless. I am wearing a size 16 and that is the size I normally wear. When shopping online it is critical that sizing charts are accurate and Curves Avenue nails it. The bra cups are lined and have an underwire but they are not padded. So it offers all the support us curvy girls need, but there is no unnecessary bulk. The straps are removable so it can also be worn as a bandeau top, which I always prefer for when I want to just sit out and get a tan. You know, avoid the tan lines so I can still wear strapless summer dresses at night. Still it is nice to have the optional straps for increased support, especially if I’m being more active, for example, swimming or walking the sandy beach. Continue reading “Curves Avenue”