Brand Feedback

“You really are the best blogger we have ever worked with! I wanted additionally to write you to say thank you for all the work that you have done for us with the corsets we sent you to review and promote our brand. You have done everything exactly the way we wanted for a long time and have never gotten from the bloggers we’ve worked with before. You didn’t even need any direction, you just knew exactly what we wanted and delivered. Lindsay, you really went above and beyond, we are so pleased with your posts. Working with you was worth the investment”

– Owner of Corsettery

“Oh wow. That is really nice. I especially love the care you put into the photography. It really helps to have people in product photos, it gives it a nice personal touch. We really appreciate all the hard work that went into this article. Oh and thanks very much for the amazon review that will really help a lot. We believe that we have a great product and need to get it in front of more people. Everyone should have one or two of these in their homes. We can’t thank you enough for all your help.”

– Chad from Organic Aroma

“Lindsay, thank you very much for your piece. Working with you has been an absolutely amazing experience. Your turnaround is so swift, we would never experience this in the UK. I really enjoyed reading your lines: very impressive thoroughness, research, and referencing lines from our bra health blog. The product looks really well on you and we could not have hoped for a better representation. The reception from your readers was also strong (we got quite a lot of site visits), which is great.”

– Ilona from Ms. Pomelo Bras

“The rise in followers on my social media from working with Lindsay did not come as a surprise, as she has over 29k followers that she inspires every day. From our collaboration together, popular Instagram page @effyourbeautystandards re-posted a photo I had taken of Lindsay, and shot my followers up even higher! Such a great experience working with such a kind hearted woman, who is truly inspiring.” 

Samantha from Crave Boudoir 

“Social media is amazing for connecting people and companies throughout the world. It is also amazing for bloggers like Lindsay who like to promote that it is normal not to be a size zero and embrace their bodies through posts that show curvy bodies are beautiful. Lindsay promoted the black wrap around bikini as well as the cage jumpsuit and she looked amazing. She brought more customers to my Instagram page and I hope to work with her again to grow my brand even more.”

– Linda from Curves Avenue