Why I Don’t Want To Be A Plus Model

I’m serious, I don’t. Want to be a plus model that is. You may not already be aware of this, but, many fatshion bloggers and even body positive activists have an end goal of becoming a plus size model. In a few rare cases, it has actually become reality. Regardless, it isn’t a goal of mine and here’s why.  Continue reading “Why I Don’t Want To Be A Plus Model”

7 Ways Fatshion Blogging Is Activism

You may have noticed that I’ve slowly moved away from having a strictly body positive blog and that I have been embracing fatshion blogging. The reason why is worthy of its very own blog post so I won’t get into that here, but what I do what to address are the ways fatshion blogging is body positive activism. I’ve noticed a certain amount of exclusion in the body positive community, and one of the groups that seems to be excluded is fatshion bloggers. Many of the most popular mainstream body positive activists don’t follow or promote fatshion bloggers, and yet many of us repost them and their photos regularly. I have a problem with this because I think it is yet another example of the body positive movement being watered down and not respecting or even acknowledging its roots.  Continue reading “7 Ways Fatshion Blogging Is Activism”

Can Plus Size Women Wear White In Winter?

Can you wear white in the winter? A few years ago we might have still been confused by this fashion rule and avoided wearing white after Labour Day, but now we know better. Or do we? Does that rule cancellation apply to all shapes and sizes? Or only some? Are plus size women allowed to wear white? Not only in the winter but any season at all?

Continue reading “Can Plus Size Women Wear White In Winter?”

5 Ways Body Positivity Changed My Life

I’ve written before about ways to become more body positive but what is the payoff? What results are you going to achieve by joining this radical self-love movement? Of course, these will vary depending on the individual, but overall I noticed 5 major ways that body positivity has changed my life. Needless to say, they are all changes for the better. Continue reading “5 Ways Body Positivity Changed My Life”

8 Amazing Canadian Plus Size Retailers

Sure, lots of brands ship to Canada, but the importing taxes involved in that process can end up being outlandish. Recently I received a package sent to me from the UK which was valued at $175 and because of an error in labeling I had to pay $110 in taxes to accept six items. Even if the package had been properly labeled, I would have had to pay almost $60 in taxes and fees. The brand was able to fix this mistake but it was still an inconvenience that could have easily been avoided by shopping from within Canada. In fact, some international brands actually say they won’t help with duties and taxes so you’d be stuck sucking up that extra cost. Many brands label the package with the full price or value even if you bought the item on sale. For example, I ordered a dress that was originally around $70 but was on sale for $35 plus shipping. The cost for taxes ended up being $65 so if I had accepted the package I’d have paid $100 plus shipping for a $70 dress. That just doesn’t make sense and we as Canadian plus size shoppers need a better option. Continue reading “8 Amazing Canadian Plus Size Retailers”

The Power of Loving What You Wear

Two years ago would I have ever worn thigh high boots and a mini dress? Absolutely not! I’d have been hiding under leggings, an oversized tunic, and ballet flats. That was basically my go to wardrobe for so long I forgot other clothes even existed. I’d walk through clothing stores looking for long shirts with an empire waist and I’d stock up on thick leggings whenever I found them on sale. I’d purchase one pair of ballet flats and one pair of flat knee high boots a year and wear them until they broke. It was my uniform and it was the only thing I felt comfortable wearing. Honestly, though, I wasn’t excited by or happy with my wardrobe, it just (barely) worked. Continue reading “The Power of Loving What You Wear”

Why I Marched On Washington

As a survivor of sexual violence and emotional abuse from a narcissist as a child, Donald Trump (I’m not ever going to call him by that title) makes me feel physically sick to my stomach. I’m not being hyperbolic here when I saw the video of him stepping out of the car at the White House yesterday I felt nauseated. I felt the same way when I heard his comments to Billy Bush and when I saw him leering over Hillary’s shoulder in the debates. I felt it every time he interrupted a woman who was speaking and I felt it every time he projected his own behaviour onto his competitor. So much of his misogynistic and abusive behaviour was familiar and therefore triggering for me. I know I’m not alone.

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My Resistant (But Amazing) Blog Hubby

Are you familiar with the term Instagram or blog husband? Well if you aren’t, basically it is the person behind the blogger or influencer, the one taking all of those amazing photos. They make blogging more accessible to those of us who simply cannot afford to hire a professional photographer every time we want to do an outfit post. Blog husbands also act as creative director to the photos that simply can’t be achieved with a basic tripod selfie. So as the saying goes, “behind every cute girl on social media, there is an Instagram husband and a brick wall”. Well finally, I am so grateful to have found an amazing blog hubby of my very own! Even if she wasn’t always super excited about the request. Continue reading “My Resistant (But Amazing) Blog Hubby”

LURAP: Love UR Appearance

What’s the biggest difference between looking really put together or even faking a designer look and looking like you are wearing fast fashion off the rack? In my opinion, tailoring makes all of the difference. Clothes that fit properly just look better on all body types. I realize that having access to handmade clothes or a tailor is a luxury that many cannot afford but there are a few companies out there doing their best to provide this service at an affordable price. LURAP is one of those clothing brands and they are new to the plus size fatshion scene so I’ve got the secret to a 20% discount code.  Continue reading “LURAP: Love UR Appearance”

Requiring Calories on Menus is Dangerous

As of January 1, 2017, restaurants in Ontario, Canada are required by law to list the calorie counts for all food and drink items they serve. Technically, this only applies to companies with more than 20 locations so it doesn’t impact small businesses but does change the way things look at Starbucks, Montanas, and Mr. Sub, for example. Information has to be included on restaurant menus, smartphone apps, and on both in-store and drive-thru menu boards. They are also required to be able to provide the sodium percentage if asked, but it is not required to be listed prominently and as a result, most are not doing so. The goal of this legislation is to reduce “the childhood obesity epidemic” and improve overall health even though the evidence says the change that will come as a result is minimal at best. It is a particularly ironic reason for enacting legislation given how few food choices children actually make for themselves. In fact, they say that only people who already pay close attention to nutritional information will use these postings in the long run. Others will be shocked at first and may change their behaviour initially but will quickly choose to ignore the numbers. Therefore, those who are most likely to use this calorie information are those who are struggling with an eating disorder. That’s incredibly dangerous if you ask me. We are putting people’s lives on the line in the name of fat shaming. Continue reading “Requiring Calories on Menus is Dangerous”