6d9317_da355076f9de491d8c0c87ad917493bcWhen I created the hashtag #SelfiesForSelfLove I had two specific goals;

1. To have people see themselves and their bodies in a more positive light as a result of taking selfies. By taking selfies we can be reminded of our true beauty and that we do not need to live up to some mostly unachievable standard set by our society to be worthy of love, respect, and kindness. In old school body positivity movements, people were often instructed to stand in front of a mirror in various states of undress and examine one’s body. To become more comfortable with how the body appears and to learn to love all of our best features and maybe even our so-called flaws. #SelfiesForSelfLove has simply taken the movement digital, which offers a number of advantages, one being that you can always revisit your previous photos or posts when you are feeling down and need a body positivity boost.

2. To increase the representation of diverse people we see in the media, specifically on social media. This is a major bonus to having the movement go digital. Not only are we able to see beautiful photos of ourselves but we can also see images of people who look like us. People who are loving their bodies despite not fitting into that very narrow mold the beauty industry has created. Regardless of your shape, size, gender, ability or race you deserve to love the skin you are in. It is about saying eff you to all the people who see selfies as pure vanity and reminding them that for some of us, hashtags like this are the only place we can see photos of people who look like us. It is about empowering everyone; not just white, thin, cis, straight, able-bodied people but for all of the others that the media for so long has ignored. Hashtags have given us the ability to take that power back and to define beauty for ourselves.

As a result, I also created the @SelfiesForSelfLove account on Instagram. A place where people of all backgrounds, but with a focus on marginalized people, have a chance to have their images of body positivity reposted for the community to see.

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