The Beginning of 2017’s Swimwear Summer

Last year may have been my first Summer of Swimwear but this year I am back and even more confident than before. So I’m excited to be out by the pool for the full 2.5 months it is open during the summer. My first journey out to the pool was in this gorgeous floral print high neck bikini from LoraletteContinue reading “The Beginning of 2017’s Swimwear Summer”

Inbetweener Insider

6d9317_f4dfd6474d784dc78d03fd5b2036fe22So what the heck is an “inbetweener” or “inbetweenie”? I didn’t create the terms, I am just here to define them for you as I identify with the word. An inbetweener is a fashion based term referring to the women who fall in between straight size clothing stores and plus size clothing stores. Usually, these women wear a size 12/14/16 or large/extra large. The fact that they can shop at straight size stores sometimes is a privilege, but a frustrating one because they often have experiences like the one I describe in my earlier post about sizing. Things like never getting to buy items on sale because your size is the most common size women buy may lead to frustration but it also leads to greater representation. Many, in fact, most, of the plus size models currently working are these sizes. Curvy models like Ashley Graham and Philomena Kwao are great examples of what I mean by an “inbetweener” size. Continue reading “Inbetweener Insider”