Love For Love Honey Lingerie

I always find it exciting to stumble upon new plus size lingerie retailers, like Love Honey. So when they reached out to me to collaborate on a review post I was excited to browse their online store. Not only do they offer lingerie in a variety of sizes but they also offer sex positive toys, including their new collection from Broad City. Click through to see more pictures and read my full review of this brand and their collection of goodies. Continue reading “Love For Love Honey Lingerie”

Why I Marched On Washington

As a survivor of sexual violence and emotional abuse from a narcissist as a child, Donald Trump (I’m not ever going to call him by that title) makes me feel physically sick to my stomach. I’m not being hyperbolic here when I saw the video of him stepping out of the car at the White House yesterday I felt nauseated. I felt the same way when I heard his comments to Billy Bush and when I saw him leering over Hillary’s shoulder in the debates. I felt it every time he interrupted a woman who was speaking and I felt it every time he projected his own behaviour onto his competitor. So much of his misogynistic and abusive behaviour was familiar and therefore triggering for me. I know I’m not alone.

Continue reading “Why I Marched On Washington”

My Resistant (But Amazing) Blog Hubby

Are you familiar with the term Instagram or blog husband? Well if you aren’t, basically it is the person behind the blogger or influencer, the one taking all of those amazing photos. They make blogging more accessible to those of us who simply cannot afford to hire a professional photographer every time we want to do an outfit post. Blog husbands also act as creative director to the photos that simply can’t be achieved with a basic tripod selfie. So as the saying goes, “behind every cute girl on social media, there is an Instagram husband and a brick wall”. Well finally, I am so grateful to have found an amazing blog hubby of my very own! Even if she wasn’t always super excited about the request. Continue reading “My Resistant (But Amazing) Blog Hubby”

The Most Body Positive Ad Campaign Ever!

Yep, I know, that’s a huge title but I honestly feel that this one brand is completely deserving of being awarded for the best body positive campaign ever! I say this for a few reasons. First, they have already done two full photo shoots and resulting advertisements for this new campaign. They have shown a strong commitment to keeping their ads body positive and inclusive moving forward. They promised the first one wouldn’t be a one off and they have actually stayed true to their word. Second, the brand has always worked with diverse models and a wide range of bloggers, myself included, so this move to include real women seems natural and not forced as it does with so many other brands.  Continue reading “The Most Body Positive Ad Campaign Ever!”

3 Reasons I Am Okay With You Calling Me Fat

The title of this article alone is enough to strike fear in so many people that I am sure some of you are reading this post just to see if I have lost my mind. As a culture, we have been taught that being fat is a bad thing and that calling someone fat is never okay. It’s an insult that has been used to silence many so we avoid using it and choose euphemisms for the word instead, words like plus size, thick, and curvy. How many of us share the experience of being called a “fat bitch”, regardless of our weight at the time? I hear that comment at my current size 16 and I heard it when I was a size zero. I’m sure I’m not alone in my experience with fatphobic harassment. So why am I now okay with being called a term our society has deemed so offensive? I have three reasons. Continue reading “3 Reasons I Am Okay With You Calling Me Fat”

Femme Invisibility Frustrations

It was only within the last three months that I finally noticed other queer women checking me out (if I can be so blunt) without me first having to come out. I’m still not sure what caused the sudden change to be honest. As you can see, I am very femme, high femme if you will. I like to wear clothing items that society deems feminine like heels, pantyhose, lingerie, and dresses. I enjoy the way I feel when wearing this style of clothes and shoes, I do it for me, what other people think has no bearing on the way I dress. But what I do find frustrating is that as a queer woman, the choices I make in my wardrobe, makeup, and hairstyle often render me invisible. I’m the type of woman that has heard comments like, “you don’t look queer” on a regular basis. Continue reading “Femme Invisibility Frustrations”

Celebrating the Kinkston Carnaval

Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of attending a local event called the Kinkston Carnaval. So yes, that is a play on words with “kink” and Kingston, which is where I live. Now that might scare some of you away and intrigue others but I truly hope you will all stay and choose to read on. Please note that the content in this post is intended for adults and will discuss sex, sexuality, bdsm, and sex toys. However, these things are nothing to be ashamed of and probably more popular and common than you imagine. Continue reading “Celebrating the Kinkston Carnaval”

Where Are All The Butch Bopo Babes?

The body positivity and plus size fashion blogging scenes are full of feminine women. I’m one of them so it is nice to have a lot of company. There are activists and bloggers of all shapes and sizes. There are queer women and there are trans women who are both activists and bloggers. But for a community that claims to be inclusive of all people, where the heck are all the butch bopo and blogger babes?  Continue reading “Where Are All The Butch Bopo Babes?”