Orgasm Is A Human Right

This post contains graphic sexual content which is intended only for adults over the age of 18. This blog post is not appropriate for children without the permission of their guardian. Content warning: a complete review of a sex toy for people with a clitoris. Continue reading “Orgasm Is A Human Right”

The Best Birthday Ever

For a variety of reasons, I have almost always had a kind of crap time on my birthday. But this year was so different that I had to share. My amazing boyfriend planned the most incredible full week of events, all to celebrate me. It all started with him asking me what I wanted and me realizing that my “language of love” is that I want time from my partner. So I asked for us to do something together instead of him buying me a physical gift. I even suggested going to see Rocky Horror Picture Show in Stratford & he loved the idea. After looking into the cost and the travel time from our home, he offered to either plan a full week of stay-cation type events or to proceed with the Stratford trip.

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My Resistant (But Amazing) Blog Hubby

Are you familiar with the term Instagram or blog husband? Well if you aren’t, basically it is the person behind the blogger or influencer, the one taking all of those amazing photos. They make blogging more accessible to those of us who simply cannot afford to hire a professional photographer every time we want to do an outfit post. Blog husbands also act as creative director to the photos that simply can’t be achieved with a basic tripod selfie. So as the saying goes, “behind every cute girl on social media, there is an Instagram husband and a brick wall”. Well finally, I am so grateful to have found an amazing blog hubby of my very own! Even if she wasn’t always super excited about the request. Continue reading “My Resistant (But Amazing) Blog Hubby”

From Selfies to Self-Care

I had the pleasure of live streaming the panel discussion and video launch called “From Selfies to Self-Care: Resources for a safer digital world” this week and I wanted to share some of my reflections with you. While this web-based event was primarily created for people working in the field to end gender-based violence (my day job) it is easy to see how these issues are faced both within the context of intimate partner violence and also from people who we don’t know at all, like trolls. Plus as the creator of #SelfiesForSelfLove, it just seemed like an obvious connection and I had to share some of the content that was presented. Taking and sharing selfies can be empowering as fuck but it can also be scary because of the potential to be harassed. While my practice has always been to report, mute, block, it still happened and while I am strong enough to handle the abuse, not everyone has reached this stage yet. But that isn’t the point at all, the point is that you have the right to be online, even posing in your underwear, without experiencing cyberviolence in any form. Continue reading “From Selfies to Self-Care”

Relationship Reflections


This all started because I made a quick post on Instagram late one boring Saturday when the platform is usually pretty slow. I asked if anyone had any questions about body positivity and I only got one reply. But what a great question it was! Unfortunately, it was too challenging to answer in the context of either Snapchat or Instagram, so I promised the questioner, that I would write a full blog post. I knew this blog post would not be easy to write, or edit, but I realized that it was one topic that I really should have already addressed. I also had no idea that it would end up being one of my longest blog posts to date at around 2500 words. Originally, I was only going to talk about the one relationship that was hardest on my body image, story number three below, for those of you who are wondering, and now counting. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I should write about most of my serious relationships. Continue reading “Relationship Reflections”