The 5 Styles Of Selfies

As the creator of #SelfiesForSelfLove, I certainly have my own love for selfies. In fact, I’ve gone through several styles of selfies taking. From handheld camera selfies in the mirror all the way to using a tripod and a timer. So I decided to have some fun exploring the various forms of self-portraits in this blog post featuring a dress from Pink Clove UK.

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From Selfies to Self-Care

I had the pleasure of live streaming the panel discussion and video launch called “From Selfies to Self-Care: Resources for a safer digital world” this week and I wanted to share some of my reflections with you. While this web-based event was primarily created for people working in the field to end gender-based violence (my day job) it is easy to see how these issues are faced both within the context of intimate partner violence and also from people who we don’t know at all, like trolls. Plus as the creator of #SelfiesForSelfLove, it just seemed like an obvious connection and I had to share some of the content that was presented. Taking and sharing selfies can be empowering as fuck but it can also be scary because of the potential to be harassed. While my practice has always been to report, mute, block, it still happened and while I am strong enough to handle the abuse, not everyone has reached this stage yet. But that isn’t the point at all, the point is that you have the right to be online, even posing in your underwear, without experiencing cyberviolence in any form. Continue reading “From Selfies to Self-Care”

Becoming Perfectly Body Positive

IMG_0606Is there really such a thing as perfect body positivity? I think so but that is because my definition of perfect has changed. For me, perfect is no longer defined by society, it is something I define for myself. So even though I have bad body image days I consider myself perfectly body positive simply because this path is perfect for me. What it absolutely does not mean is waiting until you think your body is perfect to love yourself. Loving yourself starts where you are now, not where you may end up by chance or where you want to be one day with effort. Admittedly there is no such thing as an easy guide to body positivity, however, I do believe there are some tricks and tips that can help you on your journey to radical self-love. Since it is your unique journey you will want to pick and choose the tips that work best for you. Here are 8 tips that work for me; Continue reading “Becoming Perfectly Body Positive”

Selfies for Statement Necklaces

6d9317_fb7e70c1c50d4f56819eef30bb870c98When I stumbled upon Trinkets Jewellery, I knew I had found a woman owned company whose mission I could fully support. This is because they are all about using unretouched photos and selfies of women to advertise their jewellery. Instead of showing each of their items on models that most of us can’t relate to and that may even make some of us feel insecure, they have chosen to request selfies from their fans to use on their website sales pages. You should absolutely, click through to Fiona’s jewellery blog and check out all of the beautiful women she has featured in her statement necklaces.  You will also be able to find out how you can get involved. As the creator of #SelfiesForSelfLove, I think it is probably pretty obvious why I support this idea but in case this is the first time you have read my blog, let me elaborate a little.  Continue reading “Selfies for Statement Necklaces”

Algorithm Antics

6d9317_a7575584c43c43039964756b6a3e3b8cInstagram went ahead and changed how your newsfeed is populated, in case you haven’t already heard. In theory, Instagram will claim this will make your newsfeed more interesting and personalized to you. In reality, it means that the posts that other people have already deemed popular will be at the top of the newsfeed and those that are less popular will be at the bottom or they may not show up at all. As you can see, the impact multiplies as time goes on. This will have little to no impact on the most popular and often the celebrity or brand based pages, but it will impact bloggers and indie brands. Instagram now offers sponsored ads so that even if those major brands do feel any impact of the new algorithm, they can simply pay to gain back their lost viewers. The same is simply not true for many bloggers and small brands, the budget just isn’t there. Continue reading “Algorithm Antics”

The Power of Lingerie Selfies

IMG_5709If you have been following me for any amount of time, you know that I am a huge fan of selfies. There are many reasons why and I wanted to take the time to elaborate and explore all of them. Selfies are powerful tools when we use them as a form of empowerment for all as opposed to for some form of competition among peers. We are all beautiful, it is not a contest to see whose filtered and face-tuned selfie is the best, we all win if the game is played correctly. So that is an important first point, a disclaimer if you will, using selfies for self-love and self esteem only works if we all keep it about positive vibes only. If you are posting yours publicly, I highly recommend blocking anyone who comments negatively and deleting the comment immediately. But I digress, what is it about selfies, specifically lingerie selfies that makes them so empowering? Continue reading “The Power of Lingerie Selfies”