A Night Out With Yours Clothing

I love introducing you to plus size brands that are accessibly priced, easy to wear, and on trend. This size range goes from 14 to 36 in UK sizing, which is the equivalent of size 12 to 34 in US sizing. Or, in the sizing system that I think makes the most sense, the European one, they offer sizes 42 to 64. Needless to say, Yours Clothing is a pretty great example of a brand that is offering something for almost every size from inbetweener to plus size. Continue reading “A Night Out With Yours Clothing”

The Power of Loving What You Wear

Two years ago would I have ever worn thigh high boots and a mini dress? Absolutely not! I’d have been hiding under leggings, an oversized tunic, and ballet flats. That was basically my go to wardrobe for so long I forgot other clothes even existed. I’d walk through clothing stores looking for long shirts with an empire waist and I’d stock up on thick leggings whenever I found them on sale. I’d purchase one pair of ballet flats and one pair of flat knee high boots a year and wear them until they broke. It was my uniform and it was the only thing I felt comfortable wearing. Honestly, though, I wasn’t excited by or happy with my wardrobe, it just (barely) worked. Continue reading “The Power of Loving What You Wear”

Must Have Fall Trend: Bomber Jackets


If you have been paying attention to bloggers and other media sources, you know the bomber jacket is very much on trend for fall. Although if you ask some of us, we will tell you it has always been on trend. Still, the look is having a moment right now and I’m here to show you some really affordable ways for you to get in on it. Continue reading “Must Have Fall Trend: Bomber Jackets”

Point Zero Curvy

As a Canadian, I feel like we still lack a lot of plus size options. Most of my favourite stores are based in the UK, with a few in the United States and Australia as well. The few that do exist tend to be overpriced or hard to find if you live in a small town. Point Zero Curvy is helping to fill that gap, they are an existing line that has added a curvy division that can be purchased online and at local indie plus size stores. PZC is a youthful brand that often still works for the workplace, as you will certainly see in the first outfit here. Look at me, ready to work and still be comfy!

 This grey stretch fabric pencil skirt with lace detail along the bottom is absolutely gorgeous and exactly as I expected. I am wearing a 0X and I am normally a size 16 on the bottom. The lace portion is only partially lined with the grey material which goes longer than a mini skirt would, the extra lace material brings it to a knee length. I’ve styled it with a plain v-neck tee and a black cardigan. I’ve also got on a necklace from Trinket’s Jewellery and the Prague Hold Ups from Big Tights. Continue reading “Point Zero Curvy”

Inbetweener Insider

6d9317_f4dfd6474d784dc78d03fd5b2036fe22So what the heck is an “inbetweener” or “inbetweenie”? I didn’t create the terms, I am just here to define them for you as I identify with the word. An inbetweener is a fashion based term referring to the women who fall in between straight size clothing stores and plus size clothing stores. Usually, these women wear a size 12/14/16 or large/extra large. The fact that they can shop at straight size stores sometimes is a privilege, but a frustrating one because they often have experiences like the one I describe in my earlier post about sizing. Things like never getting to buy items on sale because your size is the most common size women buy may lead to frustration but it also leads to greater representation. Many, in fact, most, of the plus size models currently working are these sizes. Curvy models like Ashley Graham and Philomena Kwao are great examples of what I mean by an “inbetweener” size. Continue reading “Inbetweener Insider”

Smart Sizing in Stores

6d9317_a50a506b77ca4560aa800ffdbd17a3e1I’ve had a few different shopping experiences lately that I want to talk about. I’m going to start with my most recent trip to the mall when I visited La Senza in search of a new bra. In case that isn’t a store that exists in your town or country, it is a lingerie store, similar to Victoria’s Secret but primarily based in Canada. For my entire adult life, I have shopped at La Senza for bras and sometimes underwear. Actually, my first step towards eating disorder recovery also involves an experience shopping for a new bra at La Senza so it is very interesting to have such a different and more body positive approach, this time, I am writing about this store. For the last few years, I have been almost exclusively buying their Hello Sugar line, the only other bra I owned was the Ashley Graham/AdditionElle cage bra, well until last week. Continue reading “Smart Sizing in Stores”