“Big Gal Yoga” Book Review

As a fan of yoga who also happens to be plus size & a fat activist, I am proud to display “Big Gal Yoga: Poses & Practices to Celebrate Your Body & Empower Your Life” by Valerie Sagun on one of my coffee tables. The book offers something for yogis of every size but in an activity that is usually represented by ultra thin instructors, having Valerie guide us all through the poses is refreshing. This book made me feel better about my body when most other exercise based books have made me feel worse about it. So here’s to my fully visible, yoga loving, belly rolls! Continue reading ““Big Gal Yoga” Book Review”

New Year, Same You, Different View

Here’s the thing about New Years, it could be an absolutely beautiful time of year. It could be a time for reflection, especially since most of us get a day off from work and quite frankly from doing much else because everyone is also off and at home. It could be a time for relaxation and renewal for all the same reasons. It could be a time to spend with friends, family, and other loved ones. Instead, it is a time of year when a huge number of people are made to feel shitty about their bodies as a result of the massive influx of diet, exercise, and weight loss advertisements. Continue reading “New Year, Same You, Different View”

How I Finally Overcame Anxiety & You Can Too

It is interesting to be back in Kingston, Ontario because last time I was here I was extremely unwell. Both physically and mentally I was the sickest I have ever been. The last time I lived in this town was at the peak of both my anxiety and my eating disorder. I was admitted to Kingston General Hospital after presenting myself in the emergency room because I hadn’t eaten in almost two weeks. Continue reading “How I Finally Overcame Anxiety & You Can Too”

Body Positive Yoga Practice

Gail YogaI love yoga, but I always found going to a studio-based class to be quite intimidating. I would end up feeling disconnected from my practice and meditation as a result. Occasionally, the local yoga studio where I live would offer a 5-week rotation of curvy yoga classes, but that was it. Given the special nature of the class, or as they called it, a workshop, the cost was not included in the monthly studio membership fee and was based on signing up for all 5 classes, regardless of your schedule of prior commitments. Unfortunately, that made it inaccessible to me in the long run and so I decided to adopt a home based practice. I purchased a bunch of gear and dedicated an entire room in my apartment to yoga and meditation. It now gets used for the occasional blog photo shoot as well, as you can see here. Continue reading “Body Positive Yoga Practice”

Yoga Gear, Nothing For Free

6d9317_b0e7c384267e449d9c447ed809dbafa5UPDATE: Moments after posting the note below, I received an e-mail from YesIYoga, saying that they would not be fulfilling their commitment to us. I am so disappointed in their failure to deliver on their promise and quite frankly, they need to be responsible for their poor planning. I will apologize on their behalf because when I wrote this blog I entry I fully believed they would live up to their commitment to all of us. As far as I am concerned, this is absolutely unacceptable and I will do everything within my power to ensure this never happens again. Please see the photos at the bottom of the post for the full e-mail I am referring to. Again, my apologies if you feel misled or angry because I feel the same way. I am so sorry!

 Please Note: This offer expired on March 1st. Thank you for all the support, I have received confirmation that I am receiving a sweatshirt and yoga pants for the over 30 of you lovely people that signed up as well. I hope you are all at least getting free socks, maybe leggings! Be sure to sign up for mailing list so you never miss out on future giveaways and contests. I have included a photo as proof of the e-mail I received, so you can all see it as well. Pretty exciting! Continue reading “Yoga Gear, Nothing For Free”